4 Reasons to Workout in the Winter

Posted on: January 17th, 2014 by paul

It is easy to find reasons NOT to workout. The winter is a particularly hard time to stay motivated since there is no sun anywhere on the horizon. Take these few points into consideration and get back on track. 

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1. Get Ready For an All-Inclusive Vacation

Why not book a trip down south departing in the next couple months? This can be used to set a time-based goal for getting back in shape after a long holiday season of letting things slide in regards to physical fitness.

2. General Well-Being

Its always a good idea to stay in shape in terms of long term health. Proper eating habits that include lots of fruits and vegetables while avoiding processed foods are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

3. Good Excuse to Get Outdoors

Canada is unique in that it provides an environment that lends itself to winter sports that cannot be taken advantage of in other parts of the world. Instead of complaining about the cold weather get out there and take advantage of it. If you live on the west coast head to the mountains to do some skiing. If you are in an area that doesn’t have mountains, try cross country skiing or ice skating. These are great ways to trick yourself into getting a workout while having fun.

4. It Makes it Easier to Get in Shape in the Summer

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the winter makes it exponentially easier to be in good shape for the summer. Cultivating healthy habits such as drinking lots of water, maintaining a healthy diet, and working out on a regular basis are essential to maintaining consistency in body composition. A summer training regimen is much less daunting when you only have to lose 5 pounds instead of 15 or 20!

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Don’t need an excuse to workout in the winter? Even better. Keep those healthy habits all year long and never worry about getting out of shape.

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