5 Things Not to do on Your Vacation

Posted on: November 17th, 2013 by paul

When was the last time you took an all inclusive vacation? It may be a good idea to give some thought to planning your vacation to maximize relaxation time so you can really enjoy your time away from the office.

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1. Don’t Bring Your Work With You

Although you may think that a week off of work is a good time to catch up on things that have been piling up, its actually not a good idea. Rest for your mind and body will rejuvenate you, leading to a more productive lifestyle when you return home. Leave the work at the office and put in the extra time before and after your trip. Remember, you are there to relax, not work.

2. Don’t Use Your Cell Phone While Roaming

You got yourself a great deal on a vacation package, why blow all those saving on a cell phone bill? Do yourself a favour and leave your phone on airplane mode from the moment you get to the airport in Canada until the time you return. Better yet, don’t turn on your cell phone at all. Live in the moment and enjoy your surroundings. You can post those Instagram and Facebook photos when you get back home.

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3. Stay On The Resort

Take in some culture and take a day trip to visit the area surrounding your resort. Places like Cuba and Mexico have rich histories that are usually easily accessible from your resort’s concierge services. A quick disclaimer: use caution when venturing away from the resort on non sanctioned excursions, recent events in Mexico have made some self guided travel less safe.

4. Don’t Get Scammed

As a tourist, there is always someone trying to sell you something. Be critical of the vendors and their goods. Be sure to buy something that is of good quality from a reputable source, especially if you are making a big expenditure.

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5. Don’t Leave Without a Souvenir

Aside from the vendors trying to sell you t-shirts and key chains, there are also unique mementos that are readily available to create lasting memories of your trip. Find something special that will always remind you of your time on vacation.


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