5 Things You Need for a Comfortable Flight

Posted on: November 24th, 2013 by paul

It’s time for your vacation and you think you have everything that you need packed in your suitcase. But did you remember these few minor details that are essential to starting your trip on the right track?


Ear Plugs

You never know who you will be sitting beside. It could be a snorer, a loud talker, a nose-whistler, or a crying baby. Make the wise decision and purchase a set of $2 ear plugs before you leave for your trip. They may also come in handy at your destination if you encounter rowdy neighbors at your hotel. Do yourself a favour and save the headache of these inconveniences by getting a pair of ear plugs. Best case scenario you won’t have to use them.

Comfortable Clothes

Arriving in style may be important, but arriving healthy and happy should be higher on the list. Be sure to dress in loose fitting, comfortable clothes that will allow your blood to circulate properly. Altitude can cause swelling around the ankles and other parts of the body. Avoid excessive restriction to blood flow by wearing the proper clothing.

Drinks and Snacks

Although it is prohibited to bring drinks through the security gate, it is possible to bring empty water bottles that can be refilled once past the metal detectors. Ensure you are well hydrated by packing a water bottle or purchasing a sport drink in the terminal. Also, snacks such as nuts, chocolate, granola bars, and jerky are easy to pack and will stay fresh for when you are hungry. Don’t be forced to wait for your flight attendant, pack snacks and drinks ahead of time.


Pack magazines, books, an iPod for music, a tablet for movies, or a journal to start recording notes for your trip. Any activity that takes your mind off the length of the flight is helpful. If you are traveling with a group, games such as scrabble and monopoly are easy to ‘pass and play’ on a tablet. The Kobo eReader is a great device that allows for lots of reading material to be stored in a small/easily accessible place.


It may appear silly to stretch on a plane but the benefits will be clear upon your arrival. Long bouts of sitting causes decreased circulation. To avoid this, take ten minutes out of your flight to stretch your shoulders, legs, arms, and back.



These five simple tips will make your next flight more enjoyable. Bon voyage!

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