5 Tips for Turbulent Flights

Posted on: August 8th, 2012 by paul

If you are flying down south for an all inclusive vacation, it is essential to prepare for anything, starting with the flight. In the case of turbulence, here are some techniques to keep you as cool as a cucumber when the plane starts to bounce:

1. Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is the first step to calming the mind and body. Your body will naturally react to the change in altitude and rough flying by releasing stress hormones. Combat this by taking long, slow, deep breaths. You can do this by first inhaling through your nose, filling your stomach with air, then slowly exhaling through your nose. Try this technique on take-off and landing if you are a nervous flyer.

2. Chew Gum

Chewing gum can take your mind off the bumpiness of the flight. Chewing mint flavoured gum will give additional calming effects. Combine this technique with deep breathing to ease your mind away from the flight and toward the beaches that you will soon be enjoying.

3. Gravol

Be sure to take Gravol at least 30 minutes before your flight. Check weather reports at home and at your destination to see if there are high winds or extreme weather conditions. If there are, you will be likely to experience some turbulence and will benefit from taking Gravol to calm your stomach.

4. White Flower Oil

White flower oil is a secret recipe used by Asian travelers to combat air sickness. This product can be purchased as an inhaler in Asian airports or in tiny bottles in Chinese markets in North America. Use the inhaler or dab a small drop of the oil below your nose to experience calming effects. The smell is similar to Vick’s Vapo rub.

5. Hold on to Something Lucky

When all else fails, hold on to something lucky. Whether it’s a coin, medallion, cross, or something unique to you, holding on to something can help release tension.

So next time your flight gets bumpy be sure to remember these tips to help calm your mind and body so you can enjoy your last minute vacation.

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