A Battle For Love

Posted on: March 6th, 2013 by paul

Barbados has a number of great attractions and historical points of interest to check out when you want a break from the white sand beaches – if that’s even possible.Make sure to check out ‘The Seven Wonders of Barbados’ including The St. Nicholas Abbey. The St. Nicholas Abbey is one of only three Jacobean mansions in the Western Hemisphere and offers an amazing insight into the history of this charming island.

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St. Nicholas Abbey was built back in 1658 and despite its name has always been a sugar plantation. This plantation has an interesting story of battle and love between neighbours. When Colonel Benjamin Berringer, owner of St. Nicholas Abbey, noticed his friend John Yeamens interest in wife a feud broke out that resulted in a duel in which Berringer was killed. Soon after, Yeamans married Mrs. Berringer and claimed the abbey as his own. The Berringer children took the case to court and won the title of the property, but lost their mother as the couple moved to South Carolina.

This house has been preserved throughout the years and still stands a beautiful as it once was. The home is decorated with a number of antiques that have spanned the 350+ year history of this stunning plantation. Explore the boiling house and distillery where St. Nicholas Abbey Rum is produced and take a walk through the surrounding gardens. The walled medieval garden herb garden was included in the original plans brought from England and has remained to this day!

Behind the Great House is the rum & Sugar Museum where there are numerous artifacts, including slave records and ledgers. You can also purchase Rum and Sugar products and other souvenirs. Once you’ve taken the tour enjoy a bit to eat at the Terrace Café that overlooks the tropical gullies!

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