A Bond Worthy Vacation

Posted on: January 16th, 2013 by paul

When you think of casinos and gambling your mind automatically goes to Las Vegas, but the area of Monte Carlo in Monaco is home to the famous Monte Carlo Casino. This casino has made appearances in two James Bond films (Never Say Never Again and GoldenEye) as well as in the movies In Time and Cars 2. The Monte Carlo Casino has a rich history and a number of amenities that create a truly luxurious experience.

Photo courtsey of Glen Scarborough

The casino was built in the 1860s because the royal family was experiencing financial problems and wished to generate revenue through tourists who came for the casino. Unfortunately, the area in which the casino had little connection to the rest of Europe so few traveled to the casino. Once the train system was put in place the casino started gaining a reputation.

Apart from featuring all the basics: roulette, blackjack, poker, craps and slots the casino has a number of other games available to patrons. Hopefully you aren’t a Monacan citizen as they are forbidden from entering the gaming rooms of the casino. The casino also has an adjoining theater for opera, ballet and orchestra performances.

Whether you’re a big spender in the casino or not your stay will be more than luxurious at the Hôtel de Paris. This legendary hotel has a number of awards to prove that it’s more than ordinary, including the titles ‘Best Hotel in Europe 2012’ and ‘Number 1 Hotel in Southern Europe 2011’. Ideally located a stone throw away from the casino, the hotel features two internationally renowned restaurants as well as one of the finest wine cellars in the world that is stocked with over 600,000 bottles of fine wines.

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