Adventure Travel: Caving in Corner Brook, NF

Posted on: July 26th, 2012 by paul


Adventure travel on ‘the rock’ brings you face to face with the rocky facade of Canada’s eastern most coast. The rugged wilderness offers a wide array of outdoor activities that will keep your heart pumping.

‘Roam the Rock’ guide company offers tours through limestone dolomite caves ┬áthat bring you deep into the rocky hillside near Corner Brook, Newfoundland. There’s no wildlife in the caves besides toads, moths, and some spiders. Natural springs run throughout the caves with water that’s clean enough to drink. The tour takes you through pitch black caves that have water cascading along the walls. Each person is equipped with a headlamp, knee pads and helmet. All skill levels are welcome and tours are set in 3 hour blocks.

Zip Lining
Marble Mountain in Steady Brook, Newfoundland offers lots of adventure activities. Foremost is the ‘Marble Zip’ zip lining tours. The tour offers 9 different lines that criss cross a 300 foot waterfall. The second line is said to be one of the highest lines in Canada. The beauty of going zip lining in Canada is how safe you feel. The guides are professional and the equipment is high end. Overall, the experience brings you closer to nature as you get priceless views of the waterfall combined with the panoramic view of the Humber river and the hillsides of the west coast of Newfoundland.

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