Beach Workouts 101: The Skinny on Swimming

Posted on: November 25th, 2011 by paul

While on vacation many of us go for a walk, jog, or hit the hotel gym for a morning workout. In our minds, the pool is reserved for the  swim-up bar, kids playing Marco-Polo, or a cool retreat from the heated pool deck. Ever thought about switching up your workout and moving it from the land to the water? Here is some information about different water activities. The number of calories burned will be based on a 150lb individual.

Swimming (freestyle) Laps in the Pool

  • 420 calories/hour

Swimming (freestyle) in the Ocean

  • 590 calories/hour

Treading Water

  • 280 calories/hour

Body Surfing

  • 210 calories/hour


  • 300 calories/hour

Sea Kayaking

  • 400 calories/hour


  • 250 calories/hour

Next time you’re at an all-inclusive vacation, think about changing the location you exercise from the land to the water. The variety will not only keep your muscles guessing, but it will make exercising on vacation exciting.

Gillian Johnson, BA CSCS


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