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Posted on: December 18th, 2011 by paul

As travelers, we have a list of mandatory ‘things to do’ before we depart on our trip. The list goes something like this:

1)      Make sure passport is up to date.

2)      Get caught up on work before leaving.

3)      Reserve spot at the kennel for the dog.

4)      Get appropriate clothes for trip.

5)      Make sure I fit into my bathing suit!!!!!

The last one is the most dreaded of all, especially when it is mid-winter and bearing your midriff has been the furthest thing from your mind for months. If you find yourself in this situation (which most travelers do), there are answers. By exercising and eating the right kind of foods, you can quickly drop pounds that you’ve been accidentally been packing on over the fall and winter seasons.

Here are some great food choices to trim down and keep that winter belly off.

Fruits & Vegetables:

Not only are fruits and vegetables low in calories, they provide the body with an ample amount of essential vitamins and minerals. Made up of mostly water, they keep the body hydrated and full throughout the day (due to high fiber content). Fiber can help trap food before it is fully digested, which prevents your body from absorbing extra calories and therefore making fruits and vegetables key ingredients for a belly-off diet.


Protein is one of the most important components to losing weight and building muscle, which can decrease belly fat. Protein also decreases hunger and makes you feel full longer. Try incorporating the following lean proteins in to your diet:

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Fish
  • Eggs


Diets that are high in calcium can aid in weight loss to the midsection. Yogurt for example contains protein and probiotic bacteria, which helps the digestive processes of the body. Yogurt is a great belly-off food because protein will make you feel full longer and curb your appetite, while probiotics reduce bloating and gas.

Gillian Johnson BA, CSCS


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