Benefits of Staying at Hostels

Posted on: August 23rd, 2011 by paul

More and more people who are traveling, especially young people, are discovering the benefits of staying in a hostel. A hostel is a place that offers affordable lodging for travelers, and the living areas in these places are usually shared. Meaning that if there is a kitchen and living area, you will share this space with other guests. It isn’t much different from being at an inn.

Once, the majority of hostels offered dormitory style settings, but many of the ones operating today also offer private rooms. In many cases, the bathrooms are still shared when you have a private room.


The hostel was once the territory of the young, those who were “backpacking across Europe” and looking for adventure. Today, more and more older people are visiting and staying at hostels because the cost is less than that of a standard hotel. You will be able to find these hostels in most major cities in the United States, Europe and South America. Hostels have a nice sense of community, and you can often find others who are willing to talk about their travels and the best places to see and dine in the city.


The hostel at which you are staying will sometimes be able to offer bike rentals, coupons for local attractions and more. Some will serve breakfast and others will have meals available throughout the day, or at least a kitchen where you will be able to prepare your own. Whenever you are thinking about staying at a hostel, it is important to check and see not only their rates but also the other amenities that they are offering.


Staying at one of these locations isn’t for everyone. For those who enjoy saving some money and who don’t mind sharing living quarters, it can be a great way to see the world.


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