Boxing Workout

Posted on: August 19th, 2013 by paul

Boxing Workout

For this workout you will need to have a heavy bag, speed bag, jump rope, boxing gloves, and tie wraps. As with the boxing workouts in the past, you will complete rounds lasting 3 minutes with a 1 minute rest period during which you will have to complete 20 push ups.

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Warm Up

Arm Circles (forward and backward)                       Core Rotations                  Phelps Back Slaps

Wrist Circles                                                                       Forearm Circles                 Jumping Jacks

13 Round Boxing Workout

3 minute rounds: 1 minute rest

3 Rounds Jump Rope

3 Rounds Shadow Boxing

3 Rounds Heavy Bag

3 Rounds Speed Bag

1 Round Cool Down Jump Rope


Focus on shoulders, forearms, wrists, and neck


Important Notes:

– When the bell rings for the 1 minute break, complete 20 push ups before taking your rest.

– For the last 30 seconds of each round of jumping rope, complete as many double under skips as possible.

– For the last 30 seconds of each round on the heavy bag, increase your intensity. Throw more punches and try to snap them forward and back as fast as possible.

– For the last 30 seconds of the Speed bag, alternate hands with each punch and complete as many as possible.


Take it to the Next Level

If you have the equipment available, hang an old speed bag full of corn from the ceiling and allow it to start swinging back and forth. Set up in the middle of its pendulum and dodge the bag as it swings by your head while keeping your foot in place. This will mimic dodging a punch. Reset your balance in the middle then as the bag swings back, time your dodge without looking to see when the bag will swing back

If its your first time completing this type of workout, you will likely feel tightness in your upper back and shoulders. To minimize this discomfort make sure you stretch and have a proper cool down.


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