Caribbean Nightlife: Hot-Spots

Posted on: October 31st, 2011 by paul

If relaxing by the water by day, and cruising the local party scene by night sounds like your perfect vacation, then the Caribbean has got it all! Known for its many different genres of music, the Caribbean islands have countless pubs, bars, discos, and dance clubs that feature meringue, jazz, reggae, and even rock and roll.

According to Frommer’s Travel Guides, here is what the following countries have to offer the nightlife seeking traveler.


  • With 12 casinos, all of which are flashy and colorful, Aruba offers not only gambling but cabarets, comedy shows, dance floors and live music.


  • Very popular in Bridgetown are the rum-and-reggae cruises. There are many bars, pubs, restaurants and dance clubs (like Harbour Lights).


  • Although it is hard to compete with Aruba, Caracao also has casinos, which makes this one of the southern Caribbean’s hot spots for gamblers. Salinja, a sector of Willemstad, has lively bars where locals and visitors drink and party until the wee hours of the morning and live jazz often fills the air.

The Dominican Republic:

  • Due to the island’s large resort hotels, there are enough dance clubs and bars in Puerto Plata and Santo Domingo to keep your nights filled for the duration of your holiday.


  • Popular for its distinct music forms (reggae and soca) , Jamaican hotels often stage folkloric shows that include entertainment (singers, dancers, fire throwers, etc).

Puerto Rico:

  • Puerto Rico is home to what are arguably the most fun casinos in the Caribbean. They are located in San Juan as well as scattered throughout the island at different megaresorts. The coast is also lined with great bars, taverns and cabaret shows.

St. Maarten/St. Martin:

  • Here, a more cosmopolitan nightlife is the draw. The island has the densest concentration of restaurants in the Caribbean, each with its own bar.

St. Thomas:

  • The Virgin Islands’ most active nightlife is found on this island. Less glitz and more beach bar fun is what to expect here. Along with beach bars, are many restaurants, concerts, clubs, and folklore and reggae shows.

If the nightlife is what you seek in the Caribbean (along with beautiful days on white sandy beaches), then stick with the above locations and have fun enjoying local nightlife culture.

Gillian Johnson, BA CSCS


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