Cosy in Caves

Posted on: December 14th, 2012 by paul

Before civilization evolved men and women often lived in caves as they providing shelter and have a stable temperature which provides some comfort in the summers and winters. Caves have also become a great pastime with spelunking adventures. But one man, Mr. Ibrahim had an idea and transformed the Gamirasu Caves in Ayvali Village, Turkey into a luxury hotel. The Gamirasu Cave Hotel has won Trip Advisor’s ‘Travelers’ Choice Award 2012’.

This magnificent hotel has been carved out using only a couple primitive tools. Some of the rooms were actually once used as monk cells and each room is unique in its size, shape and qualities. The hotel’s restaurant serves only organically produced foods for its traditional Turkish menu. They offer guests the chance to become familiar with Turkish cuisine in their ‘Turkish Cuisine Course’ where you can learn firsthand from the chef.

Experience a taste of local life by participating in agricultural activities offered by the hotel. Partake in the process of drying apricots or harvesting tomatoes, apples, mulberries or grapes. Gain knowledge about homemade wine making, prepare grape jam or bake fresh bread in traditional stone ovens. Learn about the religion of Dervishes and watch the dance of the Dervishes.

Ayvali Village is in the region of Cappadocia, which is one of the best landscapes in the world to enjoy through a hot air balloon ride. This unique landscape of deep canyons and lush valleys is the ideal backdrop for the perfect hot air balloon experience. If you’re not one for heights travel underground to the city of Kaymakli. This underground city is one of 36 in the area and has houses that are connected with over 100 tunnels. These homes were once used hiding places by early Christians and this city is the largest in the area with four different levels. Some of these rooms such as the cellars, storage areas and stables are still in use today.

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