Cottage Checklist Summer 2014

Posted on: June 18th, 2014 by paul

Its that time of the year. The days are getting longer and the sun has finally warmed the lakes to temperatures that won’t cause things to disappear from the cold. Summer is short so the best way to squeeze as much fun as possible out of the cottage is to prepare for it. Here is a list of 10 things that will make that cottage experience more enjoyable:


1. Music

Good music the key ingredient to an enjoyable vacation experience. The right music can make the difference between having a cottage experience with memories that will last a lifetime or one that just blends in with the rest. A variety of good music is always good to please a crowd with different tastes. Keep a good amount of Canadian bands on the playlist because nothing is better than sitting on the dock and rocking out to some good Canadian tunes. For more tips on making playlists, check out this blog post on travel playlists.

2. Good Food

Appetizers, steaks, burgers, and hot dogs are staples at the cottage. Remember to pack lots of goodies for the campfire like s’mores or foil packs to ensure the party continues late into the night.

3. Games

There’s and endless supply of games that can be played at a cottage. Some of the funnest are the ones that force people to use their creativity. Frizbee golf is a perfect blend of creativity, light competition, and ease with which players can partake in a beverage. Normally the course is created by the players by using the area and obstacles around the cottage as the course. Traditional games such as cards and board games are also always a blast during rainy days.

4. Sports

Water sports are the best way to take advantage of a sunny morning on the lake. Wake boarding, water skiing, and tubing bring a thrill to the day since there is always a chance of injury.

river panoramic

5. Firewood

In addition to good music, firewood is an essential ingredient to a great time by the lake. Be sure to have an excess supply to fuel the party late into the night.

6. Musical Instruments

Nothing beats live music next to the campfire. The definition of a Canadian summer is the sound of an acoustic guitar beside a crackling fire.

7. Boating License

Be prepared for the cottage vacation well in advance by getting a boating license. It’s fun hanging out on the dock but much more fun when you can take the boat for a spin.

8. Fishing License

Don’t get caught fishing without a license. The fines can be hefty and aren’t worth risking considering it costs less than $20 to get the license.


9. Sunscreen

Remember to apply lots of sunscreen multiple times throughout the day, especially when swimming. It would be a shame to be stuck inside because of a sun burn.

10. Swimsuit

It’s impossible to splash around in the lake without a swimsuit. Or is it?


Enjoy the summer and the cottage. Be prepared, bring music, good friends, and have a blast!

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