Posted on: March 13th, 2013 by paul

If you plan on taking a vacation to the Puerto Plata area and love eco-adventures we’ve got the perfect day trip for you! Eco-tourism has really been budding in the Dominican and this is possibly one of the most fun things to do on the whole island! What is all this commotion about you may ask? The Damajaqua Cascades are a series of 27 waterfalls with pools that have been etched out the limestone and a number of natural rock slides that have been formed from the flow of the water!

Photo courtesy of Stevie Phillips

Photo courtesy of Stevie Phillips

The majority of explorers purchase a full package that includes transportation, lunch and gear but these tours only cover the first seven waterfalls. If you’re hoping to go all the way to the top you can arrange your own transportation and book a special tour through Iguana Mama, the only tour company that does all 27. Getting there is easy with a rental car or you can take the bus and ask for the “27 Charcos, la cascada” stop for $40RD.

Once you’ve arrived at the visitors center let the tour begin! Walk to the top and make your way to the bottom by jumping from cliffs into the pools below, sliding down natural water slides or both! Life jackets and helmets are included in the tour package, but this excursion is not advisable for those with physical limitations or those who are not confident swimmers. For those who are ready for a day of fun and adventure this is definitely the place you want to be!

Photo courtesy of Brent

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