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Posted on: March 20th, 2013 by paul

Puerto Rico is a beautiful island filled with tropical hideaways, mountains, valleys and miles of white sandy beaches. Once in Puerto Rico you’ll be surrounded not only by bright blue waters, you will also be immersed by the friendly, fun-loving people that call Puerto Rico home. As a traveler I’m always looking for the best things to do on vacation and here the list is long, but here’s my top 3 picks that will make your vacation a memorable one.

Photo courtesy of Ronny.

Photo courtesy of Ronny.

1. Mosquito Bay

With a name like Mosquito Bay you might never come here, but you’ll be sorry you didn’t! This bay is not an ordinary bay; it’s one of the most spectacular bio-luminescent bays in the world! The bay glows with a mysterious blue-green light which is created from micro-organisms that glow when they’re disturbed. While Puerto Rico has three bio-luminescent bays, this one by far shines the brightest. Keep the moon’s schedule in mind when booking your trip because the effect is greatest on a dark night!

2. El Yungue Rainforest

A hike through this small, yet stunning, rainforest is definitely a must. The best part is that there are no dangerous snakes in Puerto Rico! They do have a number of endangered species that call these treetops home including the Puerto Rican Parrot and the Tiny Coquis Tree Frog. Hike to the top to experience the dwarf forest. The high altitude has more wind and rains making it difficult for most plant species to survive but the ones that do are truly beautiful.

3. Camuy Caves

This cave system is the third largest in the world and was only discovered when the roof of one of the caves collapsed exposing it to the world above. Now tourists can come through the system and learn about the system and have fun pointing out the crazy rock formations – keep your eyes out for the gorilla sitting at a table! Plus you won’t want to miss out on a chance to drink from ‘the Fountain of Youth’.

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