European Vacation Packages

Posted on: June 25th, 2012 by paul

It’s common for Canadians to instinctively flock to the beaches of the Caribbean for their winter vacations. But what is there to do for exotic vacations in the summer? Canada’s heat naturally draws us to rivers and lakes for relaxing weekends, but what is there for those who want to expand their horizons? If you want to break the mould and travel outside your regular boundaries, a European vacation is the ticket.

There is a wide variety of one week all inclusive packages available that are located all across Europe. One popular choice is the one week all-inclusive trip to Agropoli, Italy. This city is nestled amidst the rocky coastline of the Amalfi Coast in the province of Salerno and is less than 4 hours away from the airport in Rome.

Here, you will find the ruins of San Francesco’s monastery as well as picturesque churches from the 16th century. From Agropoli, many tourists take the day trip to Mount Vesuvius, the famed volcano that buried the roman city of Pompeii in 79 AD.

Another popular choice for a European vacation is a trip on a river cruise. For example, the Danube river cruise takes you on a journey that would be a historian’s dream, stopping in cities such as Munich, Frankfurt, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, and more. There is no better way to view the heart of Europe than on the river that pours through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, and Romania.

So if you have a month off this summer and are thinking about trying something new for your vacation, think about that prospects of a trip to Europe. There are packages to fit the needs of any type of traveler.

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