Extreme Adventure: Roam the Rock at Marble Mountain

Posted on: July 30th, 2012 by paul

Marble Mountain Ski Resort is a hidden gem tucked all the way out in Newfoundland. Located on the west coast, near Corner Brook, this mountain offers some of the best skiing, hiking, and caving in the world. Travel to the mountain in the summer and you will get an adventure experience of a lifetime.

The professional guides at ‘Roam the Rock’ adventure tourism encourage travelers to get out and explore the rugged wilderness and awesome beauty of the Humber River valley. Located a stone’s throw away from the Humber River, this adventure travel company offers excursions that include caving, rock climbing, and river rafting. They are looking to expand into heli-skiing for winter adventurists.

Richard and Greg are knowledgeable guides that cater your experience to your specific skill level.


This adventure tour takes you deep into the mountainside on the outskirts of Corner Brook through limestone dolomite caves.  The only wildlife that survives in these caves are moths, toads, and a few spiders. An interesting aspect of this excursion is the natural water springs that run throughout the caves with water that’s clean enough to drink. These trips take place in 3 hour blocks and the guides equip you with headlamps, helmets, and knee pads.

River Rafting

This leisurely rafting trip floats you down the waters of the Humber River. You will pass between cliffs that reach over 300 meters in height. This ride passes through the tranquil wilderness and if you go at the right time of year, you will pass numerous salmon fishermen trying to reel in some dinner. This trip passes through some light rapids but nothing that will throw you out of the boat.

Rock Climbing

Roam the Rock has several areas in the region surrounding Marble Mountain to experience rock climbing. Each climb is catered to various skill levels so don’t be afraid if you are a first timer.

There is no better way to conquer the rugged outdoors of Newfoundland than to climb it, float on it, or get inside! Allow the guys at Roam the Rock to make your experience to Marble Mountain a memorable one.

Roam the Rock is an adventure tourism guide company located at George’s Mountain Village Cabins and Campgrounds in Steady Brook, Newfoundland.

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