Fabulous Falls

Posted on: January 23rd, 2013 by paul

As a child the Niagara Falls were the biggest thing I had ever seen, until I saw the Iguazu Falls on the boarder of Brazil and Argentina. Not only are these falls taller and wider, but the forest that surrounds them is so amazing and full of life that it definitely trumps the built up tourist area of Niagara Falls. Don’t get me wrong I still love Niagara Falls, but the Iguazu Falls are truly a thing of natural beauty.

Iguazu Falls – Photo courtesy of Mark Goble

There are debates about which side of the falls are the best but to truly take in their majestic wonder you must see both sides. The Brazilian side has the most spectacular view as the majority of the falls are on the Argentinean side. Once you get a great overall view of the Falls it’s time to go exploring, and this is where I think the Argentinean side has the Brazilian side beat. Take the train inside the park and then take your pick from the 5 different tracks.

Take the high road on the Circuito Superior trail, a short walk to the upper rim of the Falls where you get some great views or make your way to the bottom of the falls on the Circuito Inferior to the lookout for Salto Bossetti and Dos Hermanas. This path also leads to the Isla San Martin which is only accessible by boat (free). The Isla San Martin has two look outs for two sides of the Falls. If you’re not up for a walk take the Garganta del Diablo, a free train that takes you to where the roar and spray of the Falls are most tremendous – this is definitely the one thing you can’t leave without doing! The final trail, the Sendero Macuco is 7kms and takes you to Arrechea Waterfall where you can swim underneath the Falls so bring your bathing suit!

After all this adventure you’ll probably be tired and hungry so make your way to the Sheraton Hotel right in the park on the Argentinean side. You’ll still be able to see the mist and the tropical birds are a calming to watch while you relax with a glass of wine.

Photo courtesy of Carl Stead

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