Getting Around While on Vacation

Posted on: December 12th, 2011 by paul

When booking an all inclusive vacation, it is most of the time fairly easy to get around the town you are in as you hotel concierge service is up to par on the fastest, easiest, and cheapest ways to get around. However, what if they aren’t? Or, what if you plan to do more exploring than the average all inclusive traveler? Or, what if you’re not on an all inclusive and you need to get around from the airport to your hotel to your sightseeing destinations?

Here are some things to consider with each mode of transportation that may apply to you.

Public Transit:

By far, public transit is the cheapest way to get around. Whether you’re traveling from the airport to your hotel, or touring a city, you can’t beat the low cost of a bus or subway ticket.

Make sure you do your research on your destination. For example, the public transit system in a place like Cuba is one to stay away from because they are often extremely crowded and not air-conditioned. In a place like Jamaica (depending on what part of Jamaica you are traveling in), it might be dangerous to be taking public transit as a tourist.


It seems as though it’s always a tossup when it comes to jumping into a taxi. Sometimes the driver is fair, sometimes the driver is anxious to ‘rip off’ a tourist. When it comes to taking a taxi, you can also do your research before you leave for your trip. Some destinations have ‘phony’ taxi companies that are quick to get you into their cab. These taxis usually do not have meters and the driver will quote you a price once you are inside their car. By this time, it’s usually too late to start negotiating with the driver. Check online to see the names of the legit taxi companies, or at least what the cars looks like. They should also have a meter inside the car. If you want to negotiate prices, do so before you get inside the car. Although this can be a more expensive way to get around a town or city, it is definitely the quickest.

Car Rentals:

Of all the transportation choices you have as a traveler, this one can be the most expensive and the most risky. However, if you rent a car, you are free as a bird for the duration of your trip! It all depends on what kind of vacation you are ready to have. Some things to consider about car rentals are:

  • Are there tolls on the roads?
  • Do you need an international driver’s license?
  • How much is the price of gas in the area that you are traveling?
  • Is it safe to drive here? Will I be able to handle the stress of the local drivers? Which side of the road do they drive on?

If you have looked into the considerations above and feel that you would be comfortable with the cost and the potential stress of driving in a foreign country, then you certainly won’t be tied down to anyone else’s itinerary. Perhaps one of the biggest perks of car rentals is the freedom to travel how and when you want to. If this tickles your fancy, then go for it!



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