Getting Back into the Groove 2014

Posted on: April 2nd, 2014 by paul

Spring training for the Toronto Blue Jays is over and the regular season has officially begun. The ‘boys of summer’ have been training for months to prepare for the long, arduous baseball year. Have you begun training for the upcoming summer beach season?


It’s not easy to break out of the day-to-day routine that does not include working out but once that routine is changed, the good habit of exercising 3-5 days a week will prove beneficial when the sun finally rears its head. Besides getting into the gym more often, there are other important factors to consider such as proper diet, hydration, and vitamin intake. These factors will all play an important role in recovery between exercises sessions.


‘Diet’ does not mean ‘going on a diet’, it means being conscious of food that is being consumed. A good way to get started is where it all begins – at the grocery store. Only put healthy items in your cart. For example, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables along with whole wheat carbohydrates such as pasta and rice. A general rule is to eat lots of fresh unprocessed food and stay away from sodas or other drinks with high sugar content.


Hydration is an often overlooked component of an exercise regimen. A dehydrated body fatigues faster which leads to less energy at the gym. Be sure to hydrate throughout the course of the day in addition to during workouts. Sports drinks such as Gatorade are often high in sugar so a good substitute can be coconut milk. It hydrates while restoring vitamins.


Vitamin intake plays an integral role in the recovery process after and between workout sessions. Eating vitamin rich foods including fruits and vegetables such as spinach, kiwis, and freshly squeezed orange juice will provide a surprising energy boost during workouts.

Remember these key factors to stay fit by maintaining high energy levels during intense periods of training.

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