Hidden Gem: Petit St. Vincent

Posted on: June 14th, 2012 by paul

Have you ever dreamed about having your own private island, or being stranded on a deserted island with your significant other? Dream no further. Welcome to your private holiday: Petit St. Vincent.


After a multimillion dollar overhaul, including a Balinese flair and a hillside spa, it reopened its doors in November 2011. The renovations included redoing 22 cottages and villas with stone walls, thatched roofs, and earthy tones. Flying in from a noisy stress-filled world into this tropical secluded paradise is like something out of a dream. Being that it is known as a place of relaxation, the cottages are internet-free, telephone-free, and television-free.

The resort itself lays within gardens, lush vegetation and rolling grassy hills that slop down to the 2-mile stretch of white sand beaches. The restaurants (Main Restaurant and Beach Restaurant) are elegant and center around locally caught and grown ingredients. The Main Restaurant is complete with a wine cellar and some of the finest dishes in the islands. The Beach Restaurant allows visitors to relax with their bare feet in the sand while sipping on a cocktail or enjoying local cuisine. This is the perfect spot to watch the orange and purple-tinted sunset while sipping on a refreshing cocktail.

Beyond the beautiful aspects already mentioned, Petit St. Vincent offers many activities such as: spa treatments at the Hillside Spa, yoga, water sports, land sports, sailing, and excursions. The island’s idyllic and serene locations also provide the ultimate background for wedding ceremonies.  The option is even there to rent the island. This way, you can be sure that your special day is celebrated solely with the ones you love. This location is the perfect setting for a vacation you will never forget.

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