Intense Upper Body Circuit

Posted on: September 5th, 2013 by paul

Today’s workout will get your heart beating fast in your chest. Complete 5 rounds of this circuit and your body will hate you while you are battling through it but love you when its done. As always, start with a good warm up to ensure you don’t shock your system when the circuit begins. 



Included in this workout is a warm up can be completed in a very small space. Just in case you plan on working out during your next all inclusive vacation or while you are traveling, this warm up can be done in hotels that have small gyms. Dynamic exercises make up the entirety of the warm up so be sure to include this with some of your workouts in the future.

General Warm Up

500 meters on the rowing machine

Dynamic Warm Up

Stationary Lunge Series  (10 Each) – forward, backward, lateral, 45 degree forward, 45 degree backward

Stationary Alternating Knee Hugs                                             Stationary Alternating Leg Cradles

Arm Circles (30 Forward slowly increasing from small to large the 30 backward with palms up slowly increasing from small to large)

Stationary Trunk Swings                                                                                Leg Swings (forward/backward, lateral)

Jumping Striders (start with legs at should distance then jump into the air and complete a lunge before landing in the same starting position with legs parallel to shoulders. Alternate legs each jump)

Burpees                                                                                               Mountain Climbers

Core (3 sets of 10 reps each)

Swiss Ball – Forearm planks with lateral rotation

Swiss Ball – Forearm planks with forward/backward push and pulls

Swiss Ball alternating opposite knee to opposite elbow crunches

Swiss Ball back extensions.

Upper Body Circuit

5 Rounds:

12 reps push press

12 reps ring triceps dips

12 reps burpee to pull-up

10 reps each side – single arm, single leg cable rows

100 single skips or 50 double skips

Cool Down

3-5 minutes of light skipping


Loosen your arms, core, and chest by completing laying twist, overhead triceps stretch, and wall chest stretch.

Although you may hate the workout while its going on, these types of workouts help burn fat and increase power. If you are interested in trying more of these, check out the Travel Fitness portion of our blog.



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