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Posted on: June 18th, 2013 by paul

Good morning friends. If you have been sticking to these workouts on a weekly basis, congratulations. You are probably starting to notice some great results. Taking the step to improve your body takes time so do the results. If you haven’t started seeing any changes to your body or improvements on your overall health, stick with the program. It takes a lot of hard work an effort to reverse an unhealthy lifestyle. 

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Today’s Workout: Obstacle Course

The obstacle course is another great way to improve your cardiovascular conditioning. It involves a few different ‘toys’. You will need an agility ladder, cones, hurdles, and a medicine ball. This is one of those workouts that turns the usually boring task of conditioning into something more exciting.

The workout is structured as a 1:2 work to rest ratio. The obstacle course tends to take about 30 seconds (depending on how you set it up), so that leaves you about a 1 minute rest between repetitions. You should complete 15 reps of the course.

Place the agility ladder on the ground, followed by 5 hurdles (hurdles should be between 6 and 12 inches high). Next, set up 4 cones in the shape of a “Z” (about 5 paces apart), then a medicine ball at the end of the course. You will do a few variations through the ladder portion of the course (icky shuffle, two in – two out, etc), then double foot hops over the hurdles, followed by lateral agility through the cones, and finally a granny toss of the medicine ball before returning through the course. It should take between 25 and 40 seconds depending on your experience and level of conditioning. As your get to the later repetitions, try to maintain your time and minimize drop off.


General Warm up:

Light jogging, skipping, or soccer

Dynamic Warm up:

Hop scotch to high knees to sprint (6 reps) – Do hop scotch for 5 meters followed by high knees for 5 meters and finish with a 5 meter sprint

Leg swings (10 each) – Front to back and side to side

Single leg squats (10 each)

-Knee Hugs                -A-Skips                 -Inchworm           -Side Shuffle          -Cross under walks

Core )3 sets of 10 reps each):

Laying on back –

1. Flutter kick legs up and down

2. Flutter kick legs side to side

3. Leg Raises

Obstacle Course:

1:2 work to rest ratio. Use a stopwatch to gauge to time.

– The obstacle course includes 2 times through the ladder, hurdles and cones plus one medicine ball throw.

– Complete 15 full repetitions of the course


Light jog then stretch. Focus the stretch on your hamstrings and calves because you are working with your fast-twitch muscles.


If you enjoy this workout or have any questions, please email me to let me know






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