LMV Workout Series: Core and Quickness

Posted on: May 24th, 2013 by paul

For Friday’s workout, we will focus on strengthening the core and increasing quickness. The core sets the foundation for making gains in all the other areas of the body. For example, if you have a weak core you will not be able to properly perform a squat or Olympic lift without sacrificing form. 

In previous workouts, we have always included some form of core strengthening. It is an integral part of overall body strength. As a supplement to the LMV Workout series, Yoga is a fantastic way to speed up recovery from intense training sessions as well as increase core strength. Yoga may not be as high paced as the workouts in this series but it has mind/body affect that proves beneficial in your workouts as well as every day life.

Today will include short intervals for the quickness portion of the workout. 10 seconds of work will be followed by 20 seconds of rest.


Core and Quickness

General Warmup:

Light jog, skip, or shadow box


Skipping 5 minutes straight

Intervals: 15 seconds fast – 15 seconds slow

Every 15 seconds alternate between the following types of skipping:

Two feet single hops                      Alternating feet (running)                            Single leg

Side to side                                         Double unders

Core Med Ball Series (2 sets):

Note: Complete the front and side throws while holding the lunge position

Note: Complete all exercises consecutively before taking a 2 minute rest

Lateral med ball side throws against the wall x 10 each

Front med ball side throws against the wall x 10 each

Chest pass against wall (fast) x 20

Overhead slams x 10

Alternating side slams x 6 each


Complete 2 sets of these exercises with a 3-5 minute break between sets.

You will need a step to complete this circuit.

Perform 3 x 10 second reps  (plus 10 second rest) before moving to the next exercise.

Work:Rest, 10:10

Squat jumps

Clap pushups

Alternating foot steps

Lateral Crossovers

Two legged lateral hops

Lunge Jumps

Lateral stride jumps

Lateral Movements

5 dots – Forward to backward

5 dots – two legged hops


Complete each exercises as quickly as possible

Cooldown Stretch


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