LMV Workout Series: Hill Run

Posted on: June 12th, 2013 by paul

Today we take a regular training method and turn it on its side. Instead of just doing a regular jog up a hill to increase the difficulty of running of flat ground, you will be breaking up that run into intervals. Again, the goal here is it increase cardiovascular capacity while continuing to add variety to your training. 

For this workout, you will have to find a hill that has a steep enough incline that you find it challenging to run up. Ideally, the hill will be between 500-1000 meters long. You will separate the distance into ten intervals. The length of the intervals will be based on the distance of the hill. Split up the hill into 10 equal parts.

The workout will consist of running to the furthest distance (top of the hill) then back. Next you will run up to the 2nd furthest distance and back, followed by the 3rd furthest distance and so forth until you reach the final, shortest interval. Do this entire run without taking a break. The uphill portion will be challenging while the downhill portion will give you some time to recover. Try to complete this in the shortest time possible.


Dynamic Warmup

(Click link above to see dynamic warmup from previous workout)

Core 3 Sets x 30 seconds each 

A1 – Mountain Climbers – Starting in a plank position, bring one leg knee to your chest then alternate quickly between the two legs in a motion that resembles climbing a mounting

A2 – V-Ups – Laying on your back with your arms and legs outstretched, fold your arms and legs together and complete this exercise that looks like a sit up combined with a leg raise.

A3 – Spiderman planks – In the plank position, alternate bringing your knees to your elbows while maintaining a flat back.

A4 – Break

Hill Run

Time your run and record your results. Mark your intervals before you start. Come back to this workout later in the summer and see if you can improve on your time.

Cool Down

Finish with a light jog on flat ground then a stretch. Focus on your hamstrings because they will be tight from running.



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