LMV Workout Series: Tire Flips and Med Ball Throws

Posted on: May 14th, 2013 by paul

For today’s workout we will focus on improving explosive power and will need a new piece of equipment, a tractor tire. You probably don’t have one of these hanging around your garage but you would be surprised by how many local parks or tracks have large tires available for training purposes. 

Panama City, Panama

The key to doing the tire flips is maintaining proper form. The movement involved in this workout is very similar to the movement in the power clean. It is important to follow the same form used in the power clean to ensure you do not get injured during this training session. Keep your chest out, chin up, keep an arched strong back, lift with your legs, and power your hips forward to lift the weight. Do not use a tire that is too heavy (if you struggle to do a couple reps, its too heavy), you need to use a tire that you can complete the whole workout.

Tire Flip and Jump Through: This exercise starts with a regular tire flip. After the flip is completed, jump and land into the center of the tire then jump out the other side (quickly). Once you complete these two hops, turn and complete the same thing again.

Core: Tire Flips and Med Ball Throws

General Warmup:

Light jog or soccer (2 touch)

Dynamic Warmup:

– 2 sets, 8 reps – 1 legged squats –

– Stationary jump and land -> Single-leg jump and rotate 90 degrees and land on opposite leg

“Big Warmup” – 3 sets

– 20 body squats, 20 pushups, 20 quick-change lunges, 20 full situps, one lap of track

Shoulder Activation:

  1. Y,T,W,L                                 2. Arm Circles (For/Back)              3. Phlelps’

Strength Circuit:

Complete 5 sets as fast as possible and time your results

10 Repeated Tire Flips

12 Overhead slam on the tire (lay tire flat on ground)

10 Tire Flip then Jump through

12 Baseball swings (Lean tire against a wall)

400 Meter Run

Core – Med Ball Throws:

6-8 reps each

1.  Granny toss                                                  2.  Donkey Kicks                                                3. Chest Pass

4.  Stomach throws                                         5. Soccer Throws                              6. Over the Shoulder

7.  Backwards                                                     8. Team Canada’s


Light jog and stretch or light boxing with hand pads and stretch


For any questions please contact dave@lastminutevacations.ca. For more workouts, visit our Travel Fitness Blog page.





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