Monet’s Masterpiece

Posted on: December 28th, 2012 by paul

Most people have heard of Claude Monet, known for being a key figure in the impressionist art movement in France. His unique painting style captured the elegance and beauty of many landscapes across France and England. But he was more than just a painter; he also had a passion for landscaping and gardening, even stating “It may be because of flowers that I’ve become a painter”. This passion for nature led him to develop his floral masterpiece at his residence in Giverny, France.

Monet’s Garden – Photo Courtesy of

Admirers of Monet’s artwork flock to this historic building where Monet settled in 1883. He transformed the area that comprised of only a couple apple trees and a small kitchen garden into a breathtaking garden with Japanese inspirations. He replaced the apple trees with Japanese cherry and apricot trees and blanketed the ground with thousands of flowers including daffodils, tulips, iris, oriental poppies and peonies.

He also created a stunning water garden capturing his fascination with light and reflections on the water. A Japanese bridge continues the path from the garden to the pond. The pond is lined with flowers and trees chosen at random by the painter: bamboo, nymphéas, weeping willows, Japanese peonies and white lilies.

These gardens were the subject of many of his paintings as he spent much time here with his second wife, Alice and his eight children. The house still has many of its original contents and has been preserved for over a hundred years. While touring the house you will be transported back in time and as you stroll through the elegant gardens you might even feel Monet watching you, paintbrush in hand.

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