Our Planet

Posted on: March 1st, 2013 by paul

On your next vacation to St. Lucia they’ll be no shortage of beautiful beaches to lounge on, tropical forests to explore and underwater areas to discover but one of the islands newest attractions gives you the ability to observe our planet from space and all the wonders it holds! The Our Planet center is a multi-million dollar attraction that is partnered with NOAA/NASA dedicated to learning more about the planet we live on.

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Don’t let the slightly unappealing exterior fool you, Our Planet is filled with tons of interesting information presented in a fun interactive setting. One of the main messages of Our Planet is how we as human impact Earth and ways that we can improve our behavior in the future.

At Our Planet you’ll have a view of Earth from Space using NASA images, a kaleidoscopic view of life in the “mirrorsphere”, a fun interactive floor that changes with every step, a number of games including one where you create your own hurricane! Don’t miss out on the special effects theater where you can see the impacts of extreme weather events or watch a laser show.

Our planet has a number of initiatives and programs for promoting various environmental issues. Some of their programs include an iguana conservation program, a litter campaign and a petition to save local turtles. (To sign the petition follow this link, it only takes a couple seconds.) The best part is that all profits from Our Planet fund environmental programmes in Saint Lucia!

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