Santorini, Greece

Posted on: May 22nd, 2012 by paul

Santorini is the largest Greek Island in the southern Aegean Sea. Located 200km from Greece’s mainland, this island is by far the most striking of the Greek Islands. The present-day crescent shape of the island is a consequence of volcanic activity in prehistoric times. Santorini is essentially what remains of an enormous volcanic explosion dated back 3,600 years. When you think of the Greek Islands, you probably think of cliffs with whitewashed square houses built at their peaks. You might even picture donkeys carrying loads up steep inclines, blue-domed charges, and crystal blue waters. If this is what you are picturing when you think of Greece, than you are indeed thinking of the most photogenic of the islands: Santorini.

The sun setting on the horizon

A trip to Santorini will be sure to entice many different types of travelers. The islands beaches are located in the southwest. The pebbly Red Beach, White Beach and Black Beach are all named after the color of the cliffs that are above them. Another more private beach is only a donkey ride away as you descend to one of Oia’s beaches, which has stunning blue waters.

If water sports are your thing, hop on a Jet Ski or windsurfer in the exciting southeast of the island in places like Perissa, Agios Georgos, and Perivolos. The best nightlife is also found in these 3 locations.

There are many fantastic attractions and things to do while on the island, however do not rush from site to site because one of the main attractions is the island itself. Take time to really see your surroundings. After all, who knows when the next time you’ll see such breathtaking scenery.

Oia is a town that is known to be the most beautiful on the island. After a devastating earthquake in 1956 which left it a virtual ghost town for decades, it has made a comeback and tourists have raved about its beautiful cliff dwellings, paved marble streets, and great restaurants and bars. Fira, Santorini’s capital, lies on the edge of the caldera (a giant central lagoon surrounded by 300 meters high steep cliffs on three sides) and continuously blows visitors away with its spectacular views from the cliff-tops.

Other attractions include winery tours, sunset cruises, ancient city tours (Akrotiri, Thira) and many different excursions exploring the caldera.

A trip to Santorini will be like nothing you have ever seen. If you want beauty and adventure, then consider Santorini for your next vacation destination.

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