Seeing Canada the Old Fashioned Way

Posted on: May 14th, 2014 by paul

Canada’s railroad has come a long way since its inception more than 130 years ago. Sir John A. MacDonald’s vision to unite a country spanning an entire continent was established through a pact that linked provinces together by the railroad. Likened to a vein running from Canada’s east coast to west, the railroad was an integral part of Canada’s growth. It enabled the nation to exploit its natural resources for economic benefit. Today, the railroad is just as successful at transporting people over long distances in what can be an extremely luxurious mode of transportation.whistler, lake

Coast to Coast

What better way is there to see Canada than the method the pioneers used? Spanning approximately 6350 kilometers, this journey is not for the faint of heart. Although the rail pass may be less expensive in the winter, summer is truly the best time to take this adventure. It is possible to make the entire journey in 5 days but this is not recommended. It is essential to stop and smell the roses throughout the adventure. With a cost as little at $700 in one direction, a cross country rail pass could be the ticket for unexpected adventure.

Corner brook

Rocky Mountaineer

Another train ride that has become part of classic Canadiana is the Rocky Mountaineer. The route linking Calgary to Vancouver is carved through the Rocky Mountains. With option to follow a variety of routes, the trip passes through Banff and Lake Louise will surely leave travelers with an understanding of the true majestic beauty Canada can offer.

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Quick and Easy Commute

Corridors like Toronto to Montreal are popular and easy routes for VIA rail. Express trains can make this trip in less than 5 hours and with supersaver online bookings the trip could cost less than $50. The beauty of this mode of travel is the convenience. Unlike air travel, the train starts and ends downtown and does not require long lines for security checks.

VIA Rail has gone to great lengths to modernize the travel experience aboard its trains. With more than $22 million in upgrades since 2010, VIA has made great strides toward making travel more comfortable for its customers. With routes that take travelers far away from highways and busy city streets, the train is a great way to experience Canada’s true beauty.

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