Sleeping Under Seas

Posted on: November 30th, 2012 by paul

Unique hotels have been popping up all over the world and have been changing the definition of what it means to stay at a hotel. Hotels are battling for the words ‘extraordinary’ ‘unique’ and ‘brilliant’ to represent their establishment and vacationers are eating it up. The Poseidon Underwater Resort is one of these hotels that have wowed travelers; I bet you’ve never been to a hotel where the elevator goes down not up to your room.

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The Poseidon Hotel opened in Fiji in 2010 and was the first resort to give travelers the experience of an overnight stay 40 feet underwater. The hotel is reached by submarine and guests get to spend the night in suites that have a dome like ceiling made of transparent acrylic plastic allowing you to view the ocean life that surrounds you. Planning a wedding and want it to unique and memorable? The Poseidon Hotel has an underwater chapel with a transparent wall overlooking coral gardens.

You may question the safety of such a hotel reached only by submarine, but not to worry this hotel was designed with U.S. Submarine Engineering, LLC and U.S. Submarine Inc. and has a perfect safety record, making submarines the world’s safest form of travel.

There are also many adventures to be had. Learn to pilot a three-person submarine and explore the lagoon and reefs. Go deeper into the ocean on an excursion that explores the abyss at 1,000 feet below the surface. You can also choose to scuba dive the area for a personal experience. They also have a beach area with a number of water sports, including parasailing. Take a flight around the island on a float plane or explore the caves that go 400 feet below the lagoon.

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