The Bluest Water

Posted on: February 1st, 2013 by paul

There are many things in the world that are so beautiful you simply do not know how it’s possible they exist. Normally caves are dark, wet and unappealing. Why would you want to be in a place where so many creepy crawlies make their home? But this cave makes you ask ‘how?’ not why. The Blue Grotto on the Coast of Capri Island in Italy is a remarkable cave that, you guessed it, glows with a brilliant blue light.


First appearances will leave you in awe and then comes the how. How is this possible? Well the blue is created by light from outside sources and how they reflect off the water. While there are a couple caves like this around the world that glow blue or green this is one of brightest blue caves you will ever see.

This caves history goes all the way back to the Romans who knew about the cave but stayed away as it was said to be inhabited by witches and monsters. Despite these terrifying rumors we know some visited the cave as there were a number of antique Roman statues found inside.

The cave can only be reached by boat and is accessible from the port of Marina Grande. Once you take a motor boat out to the entrance of the cave you will have to transfer to a small rowboat that is just big enough to fit inside the small entrance. The entrance is so small that you have to lie down in the boat to make it inside! Don’t worry once you’re inside there’s enough room to sit up and enjoy the blue!


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