The Healthiest Locations in the Caribbean

Posted on: July 3rd, 2012 by paul

While many head to the Caribbean with the purpose of taking full advantage of their all-inclusive bracelet’s and take their vacation as an opportunity to indulge, others want to continue to keep their bodies in fine form on their vacation. If you are more interested in keeping your body healthy on your next vacation, then this article is for you!

There is nothing worse than returning home from a week vacation and realizing that not only do you need another holiday to recover from the last one, but also that your jeans no longer fit! If this has happened to you and you are more interested in staying healthy on your next trip, then here are some great locations and tips to help your maintain your waistline.

Jamaican cuisine is healthy because it is made with many unprocessed foods, uses smaller portions of meat and has a high content of fish, beans, and vegetables. However, all of these great qualities go out the window when they are presented on the buffet table coated in a layer of butter or are deep fried. Steer clear of fried and buttery foods, and enjoy the natural and healthful Jamaican cuisine.

The Virgin Islands, as well as Barbados and Aruba, offer many vegan and vegetarian restaurant options. These locations are a little more ‘Americanized’ which essentially means two things. They have a whole lot more fast food chains to support a heavy flow of American tourists, and they also have a wider variety of options when it comes to vegetarian and vegan.

Do your research if you’re interested in a healthier vacation destination. Find out what the restaurants in your hotel serves as well as your options outside of the resort. If you do your due-diligence then you will be better prepared to keep your body healthy.

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