Things to do in Montreal: Spring 2014

Posted on: May 9th, 2014 by paul

With the Montreal Canadiens making a playoff push the city of Montreal has come alive. The city is synonymous with hockey history. The fabled franchise is the most successful team in hockey history. With 24 Stanley cups, it will be a long time before anyone surpasses the Habs as the NHL’s best team. For those travelers who would like to take in a game, Montreal offers much more than hockey. With restaurants, nightlife, shopping, and a rich culture, Montreal is one of Canada’s best cities to visit.

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In past few years, Montreal has opened itself up to the Food Truck movement. Scattered across the city in registered locations, Montreal‘s food trucks offer a wide variety of food selection ranging from Oriental to traditional to desserts. The trucks must all be approved by the city before being allowed to rotate through the predetermined locations. There is an App to help people follow their favourite trucks.

Aside from food trucks, Montreal is also home to some of Canada’s best fine dining. Internationally renown chefs such as Chuck Hughes have opened up restaurants in such as Le Bremner and Garde Manger in Old Montreal to align with the high end food scene. Venture toward the Atwater Market to try Joe Beef, a restaurant style that has become the epitome of Montreal dining and a place locals consider to be one of the best in the city. Many of Montreal’s restaurants also offer the possibility to bring your own wine. A unique concept compared to other parts of the country, this presents the possibility to have a high priced meal while saving a lot of money on drinks.


Adding on to the fine dining experience, many of Montreal’s best restaurants turn into supper clubs at the end of the night. Watch as dinner transforms itself into a dance party as the tables and chairs are unsuspectingly pulled away and the DJ starts. The most famous places for this are Time Supper Club and Buona Notte. Keep lots of room on the credit card because these places aren’t cheap.


Considered one of the fashion capitals of North America, Montreal is home to many stores that put their own unique spin on the fashion world. Old Montreal, St. Catherine Street, St. Laurent, and Crescent are the four main places to find designer styles and boutiques.


Drawing from a rich culture based on ancestry from France, Montreal has maintained much of its European influence on the way of life. Cafes line the streets of Old Montreal and allow visitors to take in the historic surroundings. The liberal way of thinking also lends itself to the cities laws towards a more lenient attitude towards alcohol for things like ‘bring your own wine’ restaurants.

The overall experience in Montreal cannot be matched from any other North American city. With its European influence and French language, it is the best place to visit to feel like a foreign country without leaving North American soil.

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