This Week’s Top 5 Deals: August 24, 2012

Posted on: August 24th, 2012 by paul

Every week, scours the internet to find the best deals for travelers departing from Canada. Here is what we have for this week:

The sun setting on the horizon

Toronto to the Riviera Maya – $909 + $124 Tax

August 28th to September 7th – All Inclusive

Real Playa Del Carmen Resort

Vancouver to Las Vegas – $459 + $138 Tax

September 20th to September 24th – European Plan

Circus Circus – 3 Stars

Toronto to Las Vegas – $399 + 137 Tax

September 17th to September 20th – European Plan

Exacalibur – 4 Stars

Montreal to Varadero, Cuba – $465 + $200 Tax

September 22nd to September 30th – All Inclusive

Be Live Turquesa – 4 Stars

Vancouver to Riviera Maya – $769 + $124 Tax

October 5th to October 12th – All Inclusive

Real Playa Del Carmen Resort – 4 Stars

Every week we strive to bring you the best deals on the internet. Check out these five great deals that are featured this week. Want us to feature your favourite hotels? Email and let him know where your favourite destination, and favourite resorts are located.


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