Tips for Choosing your All-Inclusive Vacation

Posted on: December 20th, 2011 by paul

With so many all-inclusive resorts in so many countries, how can you be sure you’re choosing the right one? Much time and money goes into the selection of your holiday destination, so if you are thinking about a cruise or all-inclusive for your next vacation, here are a few things to consider before you book:

1)      What DOES NOT benefit you?

  • If you plan to go on day or multi-day excursions, are you getting your money’s worth on the buffet?
  • If you are not a big drinker, keep in mind that ‘all-inclusive’ prices include the price of alcohol. So, if you do not drink you are paying for an amenity that you are not using.

2)      What DOES benefit you?

  • A great aspect of all-inclusive vacations is that they usually include transport to and from the airport (which in some cases can be over an hour away). They may also include fees for water sports, part-day excursions, prime beach locations and free live entertainment at night.

3)      What type of traveler are you?

  • If you would rather explore local cultures and get a travel experience that allows you to get a real feel for the county you are in, perhaps a cruise would suit you more than an all-inclusive. Choosing a cruise can be like choosing your own adventure. Once the boat docks, you are free to explore the country you landed in at your own pace. This is a great choice for the traveler who likes to explore local culture and cuisine.
  • If you enjoy relaxation, unlimited beach time and a never ending buffet table, then an all-inclusive is right for you. This choice minimizes hassle and maximizes relaxation.

Whether your next vacation be a cruise or an all-inclusive, make sure you are choosing your ultimate vacation that will satisfy your travel desires.

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