Trail Blazing in Canada: Gros Morne

Posted on: April 22nd, 2014 by paul

Canada is known for the great outdoors. However, many Canadians don’t get to see the wide range of landscapes due to the sheer breadth of Canada’s landmass. Spanning almost 7000 kilometers by car from St. John’s to Victoria, it is not the easiest country to travel across. Nonetheless, the vast expansiveness provides for a distinct variety of climates and terrain that cannot be fully appreciated until seen in person. The ‘Trail Blazing’ series will take a look at a few great hiking routes across the nation that can start paving the way to understanding Canada’s true majestic beauty.


Humber River


Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

What better place to start a tour of Canada than on its eastern coast? The best way to get there is by taking a flight into Corner Brook which is only a short jaunt to the park. Located on the west coast of Newfoundland, Gros Morne embodies many features that are unique to Canada. Its rugged beauty, unspoiled terrain, and capacity to interact with nature are what draw visitors to this UNESCO World Heritage site.

newfoundland, waterfall


Expect to see and abundance of moose and caribou while sightings of wolves, deer, foxes, and lynx are also common. The ‘Tablelands’ are a unique landscape that are said to be 500 million years in the making. Witness the earth’s mantle exposed in a landscape as rugged as any this world has to offer. Hikers can venture on the ‘Trout River Pond’ Trail for spectacular views of the tablelands where it will appears the hand of mother nature has personally carved the river from the surrounding hillsides.

Let’s not forget this is Canada. These same trails that offer breathtaking panoramas in the summer double as cross country ski trails in the winter. If motor sports are more alluring, there is perhaps no better way to grasp the size and beauty of the park than on a snowmobile. Keep in mind permits are required.

rafting, humber river

While in the area, take a spin fishing in the Humber River. Time it properly to catch the salmon run at the end of summer for some of the best fishing conditions of the year.

Stay tuned for next week’s version of ‘Trail Blazing’ when takes a closer look at more trails across Canada.

st johns, victoria , map

Route between St. John’s and Victoria

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