Travel Deals of the Week – July 15th

Posted on: July 15th, 2013 by paul

Howdy Canada,

Want to know where to get the best travel deals on the internet? Well you’ve come to the right place. 

Nice, France

We scour the internet every week to bring you the best deals on many of the top resorts in the Caribbean and Europe. Not only do we look for 4 or 5 star accommodations, but we also bring in a variety of competitively priced 3 star choices that meet other price points. We understand that when we get beautiful weather here in Canada it is difficult to bring yourself to book a vacation package down south. But, consider that booking upwards of 2 months in advance can provide you with great savings. Or, if you want to take a chance, you can always book a last minute vacation!

If the summer is the only time you can get away from work but you don’t want to go to a beach in the Caribbean, check out this week’s great deal to Paris France.



This week’s travel deals:

Ottawa to Puerto Plata                         $873

Aug 27 – Sept 3 ♦ Hotel Playa Coco ♦ 4 Stars

Toronto to Paris                                  $1632

Aug 23 – 31 ♦ Adagio Access Paris  ♦ 2.5 Stars

Halifax to Kissimee                              $761

Aug 29 – Sept 5 ♦ Seralago Hotel & Suites ♦ 3 Stars

Edmonton to Puerto Vallarta                 $1092

Aug 27 – Sept 3 ♦ Hacienda Hotel ♦ 3.5 Stars

Toronto to Riviera Maya                       $802

Sept 4 – 11 ♦ Viva Wyndham Maya ♦ 4 Stars

Vancouver to Maui                               $842

Sept 5 -10 ♦ Kauhale Makai ♦ 2.5 Stars

Calgary to Las Vegas                            $648

Aug 7-14 ♦ Treasure Island ♦ 4 Stars


* All prices are subject to change. Prices INCLUDE taxes.



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