Travel for the Music Junkie

Posted on: January 2nd, 2014 by paul

Do you love music? Do you also love to travel? Perhaps the best way to see your most sought after destination is by combining it with watching your favourite music group in a live concert. Take it one step further and join the band for a couple stops on their tour.

Osheaga 2013

Don’t Know Where Your Favourite Bands are Playing?

Check out the ‘SongKick’ iPhone app that allows you to track music groups of your choice. The app will automatically add all of the bands on your music library. It’s possible to go through this list to add or eliminate the ones you want/don’t want to follow. Before planning your trip, check out which bands are playing locally at the destination.

Big Towns Draw Big Names

It’s no secret that the biggest concerts take place in the largest venues in big cities. To get a more authentic experience, venture off the beaten path and try to find big names groups playing in smaller venues. Often, it is possible to find great Canadian bands such as ‘The Tragically Hip’ playing south of the border in small, intimate venues. Gord Downie has even played Coachella under his own name as a minor act, unbeknownst to many Americans how big of a star he is in Canada.

Go On Tour

Why not be a groupie for a few days? Follow a band to couple stops on tour to see what it’s like to pop in and out of some of the coolest cities in the world for only one or two nights at a time. Tour the city during the day and party to your favourite music at night.

Do It All at Once

Want to have it all? Go to a music festival. Festivals such as Coachella, Sasquatch, Osheaga, and Bonnaroo are great excuses to travel to California, Washington, Montreal, and Tennessee. These festivals provide a venue for the best bands in the world to play alongside up and coming music acts. What better excuse do you need to travel than music?


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