Wednesday Workout

Posted on: October 9th, 2013 by paul

Welcome to hump day. Jump on board with this workout to help you get through the week. A quick series of exercises will get you out of the gym quick enough to focus on more important things. Try to complete this session as fast as possible.

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This workout will consist mostly of upper body with a couple un-weighted leg exercises to balance things out. Do 5 Sets of this in succession with as little rest as possible and get the heck out of the gym. Your’ heart rate will be pretty high by the end so make sure you have a light cool down on the bike with a quick stretch before you hit the road.

Circuit Series

5 Sets – As Fast as Possible

10 Overhead Medicine Ball Slams

20 Pushups

20 Quick Change Lunges

25 Swiss Ball Sit Ups

10 Squats Standing Swiss Ball

10 Pull Ups

Important Notes:

Push Ups – Change your hand grip for each set of the push ups. For the first set do normal grip, 2nd and 3rd set use staggered grips, 4th set use triceps grip, and 5th set try clap pushups

Lunges – The goal of the quick change lunge is to keep your head at a level height while simultaneously switching legs for lunges.

Sit Ups – Complete your sit ups on a Swiss ball to increase difficulty. If you would like to step it up to the next level, alternate touching your elbow to the opposite knee with each repetition.

Squats – The standing Swiss ball squat is an advance exercise. Be sure to brace yourself with supports when getting onto the ball. This should only be completed if you have experience with this exercise. Start with the regular body weight squat on the floor before attempting the Swiss ball squat. In another variation, you can also stand with your back to the wall leaning on the ball at the small of your back.

Pull Ups – Alternate between chin ups and pull-ups.

Cool Down

Light bike ride for 5 minutes then stretch.


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