What Happens at Home, Stays at Home

Posted on: September 13th, 2012 by paul

After the first week of school everyone feels a little drained, especially the parents out there. All that chauffeuring to school, play dates and extracurriculars has probably worn out your tires and your body. A change in routine is always tiring, but rather than surrendering to the wear and tear treat yourself to a relaxing mini vacation to clear your mind and comfort your muscles. Sometimes all you need is to get away, so leave the kids at home and get the quality you time that you deserve.

Relax on the Beach

Beach season isn’t over yet! A short flight can help you get in your last rays of sun before the chill sweeps in.  There are  plenty of beautiful beaches close to home including Fort Lauderdale, Miami or Laguna Beach. After the sun massages your tired muscles and the sand exfoliates your skin you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to take on next weeks busy schedule.

Shop ’till you Drop

If you’re anything like me flipping through the clothes rack can be as good as a full body massage. Cashmere, silk and other luxurious fabrics in every colour just waiting to surround you. Travel to fashion hubs such as  Los Angeles, Chicago or New York. Get your shop on at any of these close to home destinations that scream shopaholic and when you return home you won’t only look great but you’ll feel fabulous.

Weekend at the Spa

A weekend spent in the hotel spa will release all that tension that has built up over that last several days. Working out those tired muscles will help bring you back to life in time to do some sightseeing before you’re whisked back into your hectic life. And if you don’t want to travel far there are plenty of options such as Las Vegas or Scottsdale.


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