What’s on Your Travel Playlist?

Posted on: February 21st, 2014 by paul

Traveling and music go hand in hand. Hearing a few simple notes of unique song that was played while you were on a memorable vacation can bring you back to that joyous moment for the rest of your life. Prepare for your next vacation by downloading the tracks that will be the soundtrack of your trip.


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Remember to include music from each of these categories:


Just check out the latest chart toppers for this section of the playlist. Bands like the Lumineers, Mumford and Sons, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and Avicii have had multiple songs that have been holding on to spots in the top 40 for the past couple years. Even download some music that you might not normally include in your playlist such as Capital Cities, Florence and the Machine, and Grouplove.

Canadian Essentials

Although the Tragically Hip is standard issue for enjoying the lakes and docks of Canada, don’t forget to add them to your Caribbean playlist. Songs like ‘Yer not the Ocean’ are perfect if your resort is located on the west coast of the Caribbean islands facing the Caribbean Sea. Add some Barenaked Ladies, Sam Roberts, and Matthew Good to round out the list.

Country Essentials

There’s nothing like listening to country music on a beach to make you smile. Start off your day with ‘It’s a Great Day to Be Alive’ by Travis Tritt or ‘That’s What It’s All About’ by Brooks and Dunn and there is no way you can start your day off on the wrong foot. Throw in some Zac Brown Band ‘Toes’ or ‘Knee Deep’, and Kenny Chesney ‘When the Sun Goes Down’ and your playlist will really start to take form.

Classic Essentials

When you are having some pre-dinner drinks at your resort, bands like the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and The Beattles have music that will set the tone for a good night and please crowds of all ages. Feel like shaking your hips a little bit? Why not add some Elvis to the playlist to get a little more satisfaction in your party.


Island Vibes

When in Rome… you know how the saying goes. So when in the islands, listen to island music. Who better to set the vibe of relaxation in Jamaica than Bob Marley? Or if you are enjoying a pina collada or mojito in a Spanish speaking destination, throw on the Gipsy Kings to get the salsa dancing started.

Stick to these simple guidelines an insert your favourite songs to create an unforgettable soundtrack for a vacation you will never forget.  This is by no means a comprehensive list, only a guideline for a good start.

What will you put on your vacation playlist?

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