Where are People Traveling this Month?

Posted on: March 10th, 2014 by paul

With March break quickly approaching for Canadian travelers, many are wondering what their best option is for a week-long vacation. Travel tends to follow a cyclical pattern with the majority of Canadians traveling to the Caribbean in the winter months, most notably February and March. There is also a few trends regarding age demographics and the destinations each age group tends to choose. It is important to consider these facts before doing something like booking a family trip to Cancun during spring break.

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Party Scene

The most boisterous party destination for March Break and Spring Break travelers is always Mexico. Cancun is the Mecca for Spring-Breakers looking to blow off some steam from a long year of studying. For students or anyone looking for a wild time, Cancun is the best bet. Many like-minded people travel there during February and March to let their hair down and have a few cervezas on the beach. Want to know if Corona tastes different when it’s not imported? Get down to Mexico for March Break and find out for yourself!

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Family Vacations

During March break, many families tend to venture to the Dominican Republic or Cuba to more tranquil environments. It is important to choose a family friendly hotel because the low costs of vacation packages to Dominican Republic and Cuba also make it a popular destination for students. Cuba offers unique benefits such as being more lenient with the number of children allowed in a room.

Couples Trips

Jamaica is always a popular choice for a couples vacation. The friendly environment is accompanied by long stretches of white sandy beaches and some of the nicest resorts in the Caribbean. Trips to Jamaica tend to be priced higher than those in Cuba, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic but along with the premium prices come premium accommodations. For a romantic retreat or honeymoon, Jamaica is a great choice.

Overall, March can be an exciting time to travel because the resorts are filled with interesting people from all over the world. The flip side to this equation is that the low supply of rooms causes prices to increase. For those planning to travel during March Break, booking early is the best option. If that is not possible, check the deals page for great last minute deals!

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