Workout of the Day – Warehouse Workout

Posted on: August 14th, 2013 by paul

For today’s workout you will need a few different pieces of equipment. Its getting late in the summer so there is no shame in mixing things up a bit to spice up a training session. You will need a large tractor tire, a baseball bat, chin up bar, crate/dumbbell/barbell or something to shoulder press, and a bench or box. 



Warehouse Workout

Warm Up

Light jog 400 meters

Dynamic Warm Up

Leg swings, Arm swings, Michael Phelps back slaps, core rotational turns, knee hugs, leg cradles, forward lunges, backward lunges, 45 degree lunges, lateral lunges, inch worm, high knee kicks, lateral shuffle, lateral cross-under step, jumping jacks, push ups

Core – Baseball Bat Swings

3 sets of 15 reps on each side

Prop up the tractor tire and swing the baseball bat with speed and power just like you would be hitting a baseball


Overhead Bat Slams

3 Sets of 15 reps

Lay the tire flat on the ground. Lift the baseball bat overhead and repeatedly swing downward and slam the tire with the bat.


Warehouse Circuit

This workout is meant to be completed in the work yard of a warehouse or field. You need a 60-80 pound skid for the shoulder press but can replace that with barbells or dumbbells if you are in a gym. Stack skids on top of each other for the box jumps (or if you are in a gym, use a bench or the actual boxes). You will need a tractor tire for the tire flips at the start of the workout but that can be replaced with a medicine ball for a Granny Toss or a weighted barbell for power cleans.

4 Sets:

6 Tire Flips

12 Box Jumps

20 Shoulder Press

12 Pull Ups

400 meter run


Cool Down

Light jog for 400 meters then stretch. For the stretch, focus on the shoulders and ham strings.


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