Traveling While Pregnant

Posted on: May 7th, 2012 by paul

There are many questions about traveling while pregnant. Should I fly while pregnant? Should I get immunizations? Which seats are most comfortable? Though it seems like it may just be easier to stay at home while pregnant, it is not the only choice. Here are some tips and idea to consider when traveling while pregnant.

Flying While Pregnant

If you plan to fly, be sure to first discuss it with your doctor. Unless there are any problems, if you’re in the early stages (when miscarriages are more likely), or if you’re in the late stages (when you may be more likely to go into labor) your doctor will allow you to go. Check airline regulations regarding pregnancy before your book your flight because some airlines do not allow you to fly after a certain point.

When booking seats, keep comfort in mind. Get a seat near the bathroom for frequent bladder emptying, an aisle seat will make it easy to get up for walks, bulkhead seats have the most legroom, and first class seats are the most ideal and roomy (if you can afford the expenditure).


Avoid dehydration by drinking water or juice and avoiding coffee, tea, and pop. A great idea is to carry your own food with you while travelling. Home prepared food is best for the frequent nutrition needed at this stage. Carry fresh fruits and veggie slices to aid in hydration and to ensure proper nutritional intake.

General Considerations

-Wear comfortable shoes

-Elevate your feet when possible (to avoid swelling)

-Every few minutes, lift each leg off the floor as you sit and rotate your foot at the ankle in all directions to keep your blood flowing.

-Every half an hour get up and walk around the aisle to avoid blood from pooling in the legs.

– Bring along your medical certificate from your doctor indicating that it is ok for you to travel at this stage.


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