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Packages To Cienfuegos, Cuba

Packages to Cienfuegos, Cuba

Quick Facts

Located on the southern coast of Cuba, 256 km SE of Havana, and 67 km S of Santa Clara, this Southern Pearl (or La Perla del Sur) is a calm and inviting port city.  Once a major shipping point for sugar, tobacco, and coffee, there are still remnants of its busy past. Now, a UNESCO world Heritage Site, the lovely bay and harbor front buildings make it a great city to discover.

Getting There & Other Transportation

Jaime Ganzalez International airport is a small airport northeast of downtown Cienfuegos. If you fly into Havana, there are 2 daily buses that run from Havana to Cienfuegos leaving at 8:15am and 1pm. The return buses to Havana leave Cienfuegos at 9:25am and 4:55pm. The bus trip takes roughly 3.5 hours.

Taxis are readily available from the airport and around town. Two legitimate taxi companies are Taxi OK and Cubacar.

Keep in mind that although appealing, common horse-drawn taxis are not licensed to carry foreigners, though some drivers will let you ride for CUC$1 or CUC$2.

Hotels & Places to Stay

Spanish for ‘Private House’, Cienfuegos has many Casa Particular for rent if you choose not to stay at a resort. These home-stays are similar to a bed and breakfast although it can also take the form of a vacation rental. Here are some recommended casas particulars:

Casa Amistad

Casa Piñeiro

Casa Ana Maria

Casa Wilfredo

Vista al Mar

Some popular hotels in and around Cienfuegos are:

Hotel Club Amigo Faro Luna

Hotel Jagua

Hotel La Union

Islazul Pasacaballo Hotel

Hotel Rancho Luna

Dining & Nightlife

Although Cuba is not known for its exceptional cuisine, there are some options for those who choose to seek them out. ‘Paladares’ are local eateries in private homes and are popular dining spots in Cienfuegos. While most restaurants will serve Cuba’s most common dishes of chicken, pork, beans and rice, paladares restaurants will often have lobster on the menu.

The best dining in Cienfuegos is along Avenue 54, Calle 37 and around the Parque Marti. Try:

Pizza Dinos

Café Cienfuegos

Palacio del Valle


The center of the city is widely known to be the location of Parque Jose Marti. This city park has a bandstand at its center and a mini Arco de Triunfo (showcasing the city’s French influence) dating back to 1902.

For a historical tour of the park and the city, check out:

Palacio Ferrer

Catedral de la Purisima Concepcion

Teatro Tomas Terry

Museo Provincial

Palacio del Valle

For those who want to enjoy a day in and around the water, check out:

Delfinario (Dolphin Show)

El Nicho (waterfalls plunging into a natural pool)

Playa Rancho Luna

Marina Cienfuegos

Faro Luna Diving Center

Currency, Culture and Language

The official language in Cuba is Spanish.

There are two official currencies in Cuba: the Cuban peso (CUP) and the Cuban convertible peso (CUC).