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Quick Facts

Havana is the capital city, a leading commercial centre, and a major port of Cuba. With 2.1 million locals it is the largest city in Cuba and boasts history, fun, and adventure. Enjoy your stay in Havana while you take in all the beautiful landmarks and classic architecture. History awaits you when you book your next vacation to Havana with

Getting There, Getting Around & Other Transportation

There is a plethora of transportation options while in Havana. If you want to take to the road yourself, rent a classic 50’s car for the day and experience Havana as if you were back in the pre-Fidel era. Take the bus, a taxi or walk around town. You can easily access the train station or airport from hotels where you can hop onto the next train out of the city and you will be on a beautiful beach in no time at all.

Hotels &Places to Stay

Hotels and resorts in Havana showcase the city’s historic architecture and is attribute to the uniqueness of the town itself. Tourists are able to enjoy a little rest and relaxation time at any of the hotels. Enjoy your stay at NH Parque Central, Melia Cohiba or Hotel Nacional de Cuba, whichever you choose you will be able to take in the sounds and sights of Havana wherever you stay.

Dining & Nightlife

Enjoy some good old fashioned Cuban cooking at many locations throughout Havana. Try a ‘paladres’ which is a restaurant in a family’s home, as they are privately owned and under strict government regulations, you will taste some of the best food and truly experience local culture.

Restaurant Los Nardos
A favourite among tourists and locals with delicious meals and fast, friendly service Los Nardos offers some of the best steak in the city.

Restaurant El Aljibe
Venture off to this popular restaurant and taste how delicious the famous chicken is at El Aljibe.

Restaurant La Casa
A restaurant where California is brought out into the spotlight through delicious food, family-friendly service, and a wonderful location to enjoy traditional and international cuisines.

Havana is a great place to enjoy a night out on the town. Venture off to a cabaret, nightclub or bar, whichever you choose you will most likely be dancing into the wee hours of the morning.

Attractions & Things to Do

Havana is filled with a plethora of activities. Visit Old Havana to take in not only the beautiful architecture of the past, but to understand the rich history and culture. The El Templete, Casa de la Obra Pia and Covento de Santa Clara are stops you won’t want to miss out on while in Old Havana.

Cubans love their cigars, therefore while in Havana venture off to a cigar factory (Partagas Factory) to experience what all the talk is about the perfect Cuban cigar.

Visit the Muse Nacional de Bellas Artes to experience Cuban and international art collections, venture to The Museo del Chocolate where the history and deliciousness of chocolate awaits you or go to El Gato Tuerto to take in the history of Cuban music.

If you feel like hitting up the beach for a day or two take a day trip to The Playas del Este where tourists flock to in the hot Cuban sun. Dance around on the streets as Rumba groups show off their talents throughout the day or tour the city in a classic 50’s car. Take in all the history, beautiful sights and long nights while in Havana.

Currency, Culture and Language

Cuban Convertible Peso

Spanish and English in tourist areas