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Packages To Santa Lucia

Packages to Santa Lucia, Cuba

Quick Facts

Located in the Province of Camaguey and 110 km from the city of Camaguey, this hidden gem of Cuba is lined with 21 km of pristine white sand beaches and turquoise sea. This seaside village may be small, but it is worth seeing and even staying at when planning a trip to Cuba.

Getting There & Other Transportation

Visitors to Santa Lucia are recommended to take a flight into the Camaguey Airport: Igancio Agramonte International Airport. Upon arrival at the airport, many tourists who have booked all-inclusive packages will be greeted by a tour operator representative and will take you on a chartered shuttle bus to their hotel. If this is not the case, taxis are available in front of the arrivals building. Remember to always agree on the fare before getting into the taxi.

Hotels & Places to Stay

There are 4 hotels in Santa Lucia and all are located directly on the sea. Two of the hotels have a 2-star rating: the Gran Club and the Be Live.

The other two hotels have a 3-star rating: Caraco Hoteles-C and the Club Amigo Manayabo.

All 4 of the hotels offer all-inclusive packages.

Dining & Nightlife

If you opt for an all-inclusive package, you can pretty well bank on eating most of your meals at the hotel restaurants and buffet tables.

If you plan to venture off for a meal or two, here are some restaurant choices:


Fish and Seafood



Bohio del Mar

Fish and Seafood

Bon Sai

Asian Cuisine


Fish and Seafood


Italian Cuisine

El Guayabero

Cuban Cuisine

El Pescador

Fish and Seafood

As far as nightlife goes, many of the clubs and bars are associated with the hotels on the beach. A few examples are:

Afrodita Bar (Bar)

Alfonsina Bar (Bar)

Aurora Beach Bar (Beach Bar)

Club Flamingo (Nightclub)

Club Rumbos (Bar)

Ecodisco (Disco)

La Jungla (Disco)

La Parranda (Cabaret)

Puerto Principe (Piano Bar)

Taberna Santa Lucena (Bar)


Historical Attractions:

City tours of Camaguey (Colonial city)

Camaguey is the 3rd largest city in Cuba and one of the oldest with its typical colonial architecture. Try Cuban rum at the Puerto Principe distillery, visit the city churches and experience the rhythm of Cuban music.

Outdoor Attractions:

Playa Santa Lucia

This is the beach where all of the hotels are located. It is a great spot to enjoy water sports and to relax on its 20 km white sand beach.

Flamingo Tour

Sail on a boat and admire colorful fish, pink flamingoes and iguanas. Snorkeling is also available once the boat gets to the fantastic coral reef (a mile from shore).

Seafari at Playa Bonita

Sail across crystal clear waters, enjoy the open bar and the warm sea breeze on this boat cruise. Enjoy snorkeling along coral reefs or just relaxing in the sunshine.

Coral Tour

Ride a catamaran out to the 2nd largest coral barrier in the world. Snorkel around the reef for an hour and enjoy colorful fish and starfish.

Deep Sea Fishing

Try your luck at catching one of Cuba’s 900 species of fish!

Sunset Cruise

For romantics, in the bay of Neuvitas, enjoy an open bar and on board entertainment.

Currency, Culture and Language

The official language in Cuba is Spanish.

There are two official currencies in Cuba: the Cuban peso (CUP) and the Cuban convertible peso (CUC).