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Cheap Vacations to Acapulco, Mexico

Quick Facts

Located in a semicircle bay on the Pacific coast of Mexico, Acapulco is one of Mexico’s main tourist destinations. It is a main port of call for cruise lines and is famous for its nightlife. The resort area is divided into two: the north end of the bay (or ‘traditional area), and the south end which is dominated by newer high rise luxury hotels. In the 1950s it was known as a glitzy vacation spot for Hollywood stars. Today, the beautiful beaches and luxury hotels are still the main draw to this location.

Getting There & Other Transportation

General Juan N. Alvarez International Airprot is located 26 km from Acapulco. Once your flight has arrived, there are a plethora of taxis available. If you’re traveling in the downtown area only, they are quite inexpensive. Be sure to establish the price with the driver before you sit in the taxi. City buses are an inexpensive and easy way to get around the city. There are two types of buses, one is newer and air-conditioned (for the comfort of tourists). There is only a 50 cent difference between the two buses.

If you plan to travel outside of Acapulco, you can rent a car at the airport, or from your hotel. However, if you are staying within the city, it will be easier and less expensive to take a taxi or a bus.

Hotels & Places to Stay

The south shore has the most expensive and luxurious resorts as well as renowned restaurants and villas. Downtown has numerous budget hotels. The Costera Hotel Zone on Acapulco Bay is the heart of Acapulco’s resort strip and home to nearly all of Acapulco’s high-rise hotels, non-stop nightlife, and fine dining. Here are options for each:

South Shore:

Camino Real Acapulco Diamante

Casa Yal’ma Ka’an

Fairmont Acapulco Princess

Fairmont Pierre Marques

Las Brisas

Quinta Real

Costera Hotel Zone:

Calinda Beach

Fiesta Americana Villas Acapulco

Hotel Elcano

Sand’s Acapulco


Hotel Costa Linda

Hotel Los Flamingos

Hotel Mirador Acapulco

Hotel Mision

Dining & Nightlife

Dining in Acapulco offers many classy and/or romantic fine dining experiences as well less expensive options. All of these options will offer fresh (local) seafood. Many restaurants located downtown or in the Old Town offer inexpensive options while restaurants in the Costera Hotel Zone and south of town offer more expensive options. Here are a few of each:

South of Town:

Baikal (Mexican cuisine)

Becco (Italian cuisine)

Zibu (Seafood)

Zuntra (Asian/Pac. Rim)

Costera Hotel Zone:

100% Natural (Natural)

El Cabrito (Mexican cuisine)

El Olvido (Eclectic)

El Zorrito (Mexican cuisine)

Ika Tako (Mexican cuisine)                                

Su Casa/Angel and Shelly’s (International cuisine)


El Amigo Manuel (Mexican cuisine)

Mariscos Pipo (Seafood)

Acapulco has, since its beginning as a resort town in the 1950s, had a raging nightlife scene. All of the major resorts have nighttime entertainment such as dance clubs, bars, fiestas and live shows. Check with your concierge for details. If you wish to venture off to different areas of Acapulco, here are some spots worth checking out:

 Baby-O (Club & Music Scene)

Carlos n Charlie’s (Club & Music Scene)

Classico (Club & Music Scene)

Mandara (Club & Music Scene)

Palladium (Club & Music Scene)

Zuntra (Bar & Pub)

Mayan Palace (Mexican Fiesta)

El Sombrero (Beach Bar)

Tabu (Beach Bar)

Barbaroja (Beach Bar)

Disco Beach (Beach Bar)


If you are interested in seeing the sites that Acapulco has to offer, try not to get caught up in the nightlife and enjoy the fun activities available. A good idea would be to pre-book yourself on at least 1 tour before you arrive.

Some Acapulco sites include:

Cliff Divers
Perhaps Acapulco’s most well known attraction, there breathtaking divers perform at La Quebrada at 1:00pm. You can also take in the evening show along with drinks and dinner. If you are interested in joining a Cliff Divers tour, ask your hotel concierge.

Fort of San Diego
A historical tour is available to check out the fort and the museum’s exhibits. The Fort was built in 1616 to protect the town from pirate attacks. Touring the fort takes 1-2 hours.

The main square in ‘old’ Acapulco has many places to eat and shop. Touring the old town and Zocalo is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon away from the beach.

Some Acapulco thrills include:

Bungy Jumping:
Located in La Condesa among the main strip and many bars look up while you jump.

Go to Condesa beach to take a ride on a parasail.

Currency, Culture and Language

The official language in Mexico is Spanish.

The official currency in Mexico is the Mexican peso (MXN).